LINUS BLOMBERG AND CHRISTOFER SUNDBERG FOUNDED AVALANCHE STUDIOS OVER A DECADE AGO, AND STILL RUN THE COMPANY. CREATING AMAZING OPEN WORLD GAMES REMAINS THEIR MAIN PASSION AND FOCUS. Avalanche Studios was founded in 2003, and has since established itself on the forefront of open world game development. Following the successful debut of Just Cause in 2006 Avalanche Studios currently employs 250 people across its Stockholm and New York studios. It continues to be owned and managed by its founders.

As the CTO of Avalanche Studios, Linus Blomberg is involved with anything and everything technical; development tools, pipelines and of course the ongoing evolution of the Avalanche Engine. Like his partner, Linus does not shy away from hands-on work and remains an excellent programmer and core part of the development team for both games and central technology at Avalanche Studios. Outside of writing efficient code and dreaming up ways of creating the next generation of open world games, Linus is an avid foodie and can be seen exploring great restaurants across New York and Stockholm.

What Games are they most recently known for? Just Cause 3 and Mad Max.
What else have they made? theHunter PrimalRenegade OpsJust Cause 2The HunterJust Cause

For any press enquires, such as interview or asset requests, please contact Thomas Wiborgh, Head of Communications at Avalanche Studios.

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