This is the first post in my blog, welcome!
If there’s nothing much else here, I apologise, I am bad at blogging.

An introduction to why I have made this blog:

My name is Sue, and I am a student of Interactive Media, I’ve just started the last year of my bachelor’s degree. A few years down the line when I am re-reading this, nostalgia of student days creeping into my heart, I hope to be a creative professional somewhere in the Art or Games scene. I love creating experiences, making people feel things, and capturing the way people feel.
I’ve got some stuff that’s “wrong” with me. Though in my own opinion, it helps make me more creative and hardworking. There are some days where I can’t motivate myself to get out of bed, where I can’t remember a thought for long enough to write it down. There are days where I am so pumped I jump from idea to idea, like some supercharged Duracell bunny. There are days where getting replies from a wall is easier than getting replies from me. Over the years though, they are happening less and less, and with time it’ll all just be braids in my hair, reminding me of the many trials of my life. I’m open for new ideas, new people, new conversations. I try to also keep in contact with some old ones, though the past is vast and full of horrors. I try to be ready to face my mistakes, share in my honest thoughts, ready to be there to listen to others. Without these things to keep me in line I would surely give up on trying and become a cushion in the chair by my computer.

I think that’s enough ramble for my first post?

Keep in touch ^_^