Summary of things I read about this week, that felt share-worthy

Interesting brushes, paid and free. There’s a couple of cool brushes here that I downloaded to try out at some stage in the near future. If you’ve stumbled across my blog, then you’ve probably seen these before, or otherwise might be interested in them, so there they are. The brushes are technically pay what you want, which includes $0, so if you really like them, throw some money at the fella. Also, I find that system pretty cool, though I’ve never looked into the stats behind the money you get for a system like that. It beats always giving stuff away though.


About Goals and Habits. A pretty interesting blog I stumbled into from an AppSumo email I got this week. This guy has a motivational blog, now you may already have had it up to your tits with motibational blogs already and are thinking fudge brownie to that. Well here’s where he’s interestingly different, he talks less about the dreamy believe in yourself jazz we’ve been told before, and more about how and why the goals you’re setting for yourself, make you more likely to fail. Whether you agree with his deductions or not, it’s a pretty interesting point of view on  human motivation, and our desire for quick glory and reward. Boring habits over big shiny goals? Which one would you reach for first?

Your Goals Are Overrated

About Mental health. Some interesting and regularly updated oppinions and generally good info on various mental health topics from a professional. Tips on how to cope with the diagnosis you or a close relation has, greater insight into the world of people around you? Gain a little bit of insight in how to help someone who has an invisible illness, what to do if someone you know is depressed, how to tell if they’re a danger to themselves. At some point in your life, you or someone near you is going to be affected by a mental health issue, so here’s a place to go for some advice. BTW there are also looooaads of others.

As a Young Norwegian artist, you can get free money here! I no longer fit in the age limit, but I still get their email updates. I didn’t actually find Trafo until I was very nearly too old anyway, so on the off-chance you’re reading this blog, under 23, living in Norway, and artist with an idea that needs money. Here’s the place to go.

Free money for which I DO qualify. Stumbled over this before summer, but didn’t really take the time to think about it very much. It popped into my mind the other day, and I looked it up again. What’s the deal? Well, if you have a prototype, you’re building it in UnrealEngine, and it’s pretty cool; you can apply to get some money from Epic to develop the idea some more. No strings attached. Which honestly is bloody fantastic.

Interesting nearby excellence. Found this while poking around NOKUT’s website, turns out that UiA, University of my region, has a center of excellence. They have a bunch of learning resources on maths, and it seems pretty cool. I haven’t read all of it myself yeat, but I thought it was too good to wait with sharing.

Last, but certainly not least! These two are doing their Bachelor’s degree alongside me, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading their blogs this week.
Eirik is going the Animation route, where I am going Games, and it was really cool to read about his entirely different perspective on the lectures we’ve been having the last few weeks in Procedural Animation.

week 36 Procedural Animation work reflections

I found it really interesting to read about Sara’s views as well. She’s on the animation line too, and though her and Eirik have some of the same views, they have a completely different preference in software to use for the assignments we’ve been doing. Though they both dislike Unity, from what I can understand. And honestly, I can’t blame them, I really can’t get on with Unity.