Short and sweet update.

In the final run up to Christmas break there was a lot going on with IRL. Between Eirik and I there was little time for collaboration, and studio work in general. Despite this we got a lot done, and in the nick of time, made a pretty good presentation.


The presentation was this years major grade, and a big deal all around. We had a full 30 min to talk about what we had done so far, which was daunting. All my previous uni presentations have been around 10 minutes, with a group, and through screen-sharing over Skype. This time, I did it solo, in person, at campus, in front of people. Anxiety kicked in pretty hard beforehand, and I had a few moments during the presentation where I thought I might pas out and/or vomit. BUT! Everything went fine, I got through the presentation, pretty much on time, answered some questions. Then we all headed off for Christmas break!