Happy New Year!

The new year begins with a bit of turmoil, as we’ve come to expect with new modules, there are a few surprises to take into account with managing our time. Design for Interactivity is supposed to be a lighter course, over 7 weeks, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff on the agenda, and Eirik and I both seem to end up sinking a lot of time into it. Studio feels a little neglected, something I feel quite guilty about. There’s lots to do still, and it’s a lot of fun weh I do have time to work on the Painting!

Progress through January

Firstly, have a slideshow with some pictures!

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What’s in these pictures is a combination of thumbnails made by Eirik for the landscape design, and the corresponding test scenes I made in UE4. There’s a lot of green in the scene right now, which makes the impact of the designs a bit less than desired, but I think the designs are all very interesting. I only made 2 of the designs in the end, as I felt Thumbnail 7 worked really well, and was very nice to use for testing!

New mechanics?

Slowly but surely we’re adding on more and more assets and mechanics. Most notable developments recently has been the implementation of troll assets. They’ve got their own blueprint, and follow their own version of the day-night cycle. The plan is for them to spawn upside down, so they look like any other rock in the scene, and from there have a chance of rotating up to an upright position, blink their eyes a little bit, and maybe shed some stones before rotating away again.

One of Eirik’s troll design sketches

Looking froward to a more productive February!

PS: Still streaming my progress on Twitch