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What is this exactly?

This is the product part of my bachelor’s project, the painting. We set out to answer a question; is it possible to engage an audience of both young and old through procedurally animated images?

To answer this we decided to make a prototype in Unreal Engine! We wanted to make a beautiful piece of art, a landscape painting, that would appeal to mature viewers through subtle beautiful animations and stunning visual assets. We wanted to engage younger viewers though interesting mechanics, interactivity and procedural content, something slightly different each time you look at it.

We were ambitious with our goals; at the start of the project I knew nothing about UE4, and had no programming skills, we had to work on this around other courses, and through personal life challenges. In the end, we had to cut out our interactivity features, rather than slap them on half tested.

For our visuals, @Eirik was lead developer, but we did a lot of brainstorming and research together. We looked at Ori and the Blind Forest, The Banner Saga and Reus for inspiration on 2D games where we enjoyed the layered, parallax effect and beautiful animations. We took inspiration from Norwegian romantic nationalism classical landscapes like Brudeferden i Hardanger . We also found this project inspiring; Mountain Splendor in UE4, a project inspired by Bob Ross’ paintings.

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This slideshow is a bunch of screenshots from my Twitch streams, all the way back from October, when the UE4 development started.

Here’s a look at one of my blueprints! This is a piece of code that flipflops between maybe blinking one eye, then after a little delay blinking the other. Eyes in this case being point lights, on the front of the troll.

(I might add in some more blueprints and things later)

We had a stroke of luck and got in contact with Helge Dyrholm, artist and responsible for exhibitions at the public library in Kristiansand, and he agreed to arrange a short notice exhibit at the library starting Monday 23rd of May, which I’m really excited for!

(more info about that – placeholder)

All in all we’ve had a ton of good feedback about the concept and the prototype, as well as a lot of suggestions for future directions.

We also have a lot of future plans of our own: More assets, interactivity using a node server and json plugin, new scenes, seasons and weather, using real weather data, using TPE data for sunrise and sunset, general “bug” fixes, investigating sound, more animated stuff, animated AI. I could go on for a while!

For now though, we’re finishing off the document, due the 26th of May. Once that’s finished we’ll be having a small break to recuperate, and then we’re ready to dive into new adventures!

For those of you that have been following my progress on twitch, it comes as no big surprise that we’re done. Likewise if you pay attention to my twitter, or facebook posts, you should have seen me spam the link basically every day the last week or so! For those of you that follow a bit more intermittently, yaaaay ! WE MADE IT!